stop 2 is a classic experience of the pen-and-paper game brought to a whole new viral level.

The challenge with this project was not only redesign the original experience but also update the features to match what's expected from other community heavy and viral games.

role: game designer
 the feature was designed to enable players to express themselves in thegame. 
the collectibles resemble aspects of the most common categories from the game but also meant to feel unique and playful.
i had an active role on the economy behind this feature and on the implications of giving collectibles as reward.

single player mode - Stop arcade
the most interesting aspect on designing a single player game mode for a such competitive and community heavy game is that all of the characters should feel both fun and challenging.
To achive that, we come up with what we believe to be common personalities you can find on any social group, such as girl boss, the geek, the sports addicted and so on.
I active balanced both rewards and difficult.
The ranking was a pretty easy choice on priority level, it has everything our players love, competition and social interaction.
the decision to keep the ranking cicle way faster than the usual 1 week is due to the low retention of the prequel. knowing that, i designed the whole experience to happen before d3.
All rights to fanatee corp.
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